Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of those sports which everyone knows, and most likely has tried their hand at some time during their life. Tennis is a worldwide sport, played in almost every country. The large number of tennis tournaments and formats make the game perfect for sports betting. Almost gladiatorial, tennis is one of the few modern sports that pits opponents against each other in a battle of skills and strength, evoking an almost primal feeling of combat in those who watch and play it.

Tennis Betting Markets

Tennis betting offers a number of different betting markets, ranging for those perfect for beginners to tennis betting to more advanced. Basic markets include such things as who will win a match without any handicaps, to various fun prop bets such as whether the ball boy will miss the ball.

Some of the best tennis bets, however, lie in the more complicated handicap side of things. Tennis tournaments are seeded, which means that they are organised in such a way so that the big stars don’t play each other too early in the tournament and knock each other out. This allows for some seriously entertaining tennis betting in the later stages of the big tournaments such as the US Open and Wimbledon

. As with most sports, tennis stars are handicapped according to public opinion and previous results. The higher the odds are that a star will win a game, the higher the handicap they carry. This encourages punters to place bets on all of the players, not just the favourites. This also means that when a close game happens there is nail biting tension around the world from those who have embarked on some tennis betting.

Tennis Betting Advice

The best tennis betting advice which can take to heart is to really get to know the game and the players. Spend hours researching the net about not only how a tennis star plays, but also their personal life. A great example of this was John McEnroe. Famed for his temper, he could lose a game purely because he couldn’t keep a lid on his anger. This means that a game involving him was volatile, to say the least.

Before placing any tennis bets, be sure to know not only how a star is playing at the time, but how they are doing personally as well. Serena Williams recently won a major tournament while pregnant, which is an amazing feat. Although she beat and odds and was successful, playing a major tournament while pregnant usually increases the odds against a player. Knowing these kinds of things may be the difference between a profitable and a non-profitable wager.

Major Tournaments And Court Surfaces

Another thing to really wrap your head around is what surface the major tournaments are played on. Each surface causes the ball to react differently and will play a big part in the outcome of the competition. Wimbledon, for example, is played traditionally on grass, which is unusual in a number of countries including most South American ones. This means that South American players are at a disadvantage compared to English players who may have grown up playing on a grass court. Knowing which surfaces are used where, and who is used to them or not may also be the different between a successful and non-successful wager has a comprehensive list of not only the best mobile tennis apps, but also links to information on all things tennis, from players to majors, to courts. We’re here to make your mobile tennis betting experience the very best it can be!

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