Discover Online Mobile eSports Betting

Sports betting has always been popular but it has been a while since something new came along to the industry. Fortunately eSports betting is here to bring something new and exciting to the table.

eSports, also known as competitive gaming lets you place real dollar wagers on international gaming tournaments featuring both teams and single players.

You can make eSports bets on games like DOTA, StarCraft, League Of Legends and more using a mobile device when you download free sports betting apps from one of our recommended sites.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Online eSport betting is a great way to be able to make wagers as fast as possible. This will give you an edge over other bettors.

Not just because you get in on the action early, but it also means you will get better odds on the favourites as other bettors who come later will generally skew the odds.

A good eSports betting site can even let you set up reminders on your mobile device, using your free to download betting app, to inform you of any upcoming action that may interest you.

Free Bonuses And Benefits

The convenience offered by mobile eSport betting is further compounded by the great offers, bonuses and promotions that many mobile bookmakers offer their members. These benefits can feature free bets, free cash, loyalty points and more. These free offers come with certain specific stipulations.

Your eSports betting Dota 2 bonuses will always feature some clause, for instance you may have a wagering requirement to meet before you can withdraw winnings from your account.

These restrictions will always be displayed on the mobile site’s FAQ section so familiarize yourself with these rules before you accept any bonus offers.

That said, it is a great option to start off your eSports betting League Of Legends action with some free cash courtesy of an online bookmaker

Multiplatform Betting Support

Mobile eSports betting sites may be the best way to stay on top of the fast paced gaming action, but what role does your device play in the whole scheme of things. Will the free to download mobile eSport betting apps work on your mobile device?

If you are unsure, always check the details of the online bookmaker’s home page. Generally speaking the mobile betting apps work on iOS, Android and even Windows devices.

You can download and install your betting apps on a Smartphone or other mobile device like a tablet or laptop.

This means you can find an app that will work for you. If you pick up any bugs, don’t worry. There are teams of programmers that are constantly working on making betting apps more user friendly, more streamlined and more compatible.

Events To Look Out For

There are many real money eSports betting events around the world. The industry is largest in South Korea where gaming tournaments are televised events watched by millions.

Currently the biggest independent eSport league is the Electronic Sports League or ESL for short. Their events can always be relied on to bring you the very best in competitive gaming.

More often than not you will find other independent leagues that specifically focus on single games, for instance the League Of Legends World Championships, the DOTA world championships and the StarCraft 2 World Championships.

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