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Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world. It offers great action, fantastic teams and a great format that is ideal for mobile betting.

Online bookmakers that facilitate cricket bets are quite common, but to find the best ones can be a challenge.

This is where we can help out new and seasoned bettors. We list the best online betting sites for Australian bettors.

Full Mobile Device Compatibility

Mobile betting requires you to have a mobile device. This can be a smartphone or tablet for instance.

Mobile devices usually operate on one of three software platforms, Androids, iOS and Windows. There are a few other platforms but these three are supported at most, if not all online bookmakers.

Developers are always busy updating software and sorting out bugs which means that bettors can expect that they will be able to take part in cricket betting using their device of choice.

Always just check the site first to confirm that your device is supported.

Signing Up For Sport Betting

You need to be a member of an online bookmaker before you can start betting on cricket. The sign up process is relatively simple and completely free.

Simply provide valid banking details, proof of your identification and then await the vetting process.

You are in no way required to limit the amount of sites you join. The more sites you join, the more options you have.

This is especially good if you sign up to our recommended sites. These sites offer you the best value, the best bonuses and the best user experience.

Betting On Matches As They Happen

One of the latest sport betting innovations is live cricket betting. With live betting, you are able to place specific wagers during specific times, while a game is in play.

This combines perfectly with mobile betting, allowing you to sit on the couch, watch the match and place and adjust wagers.

Live betting offers edge of the seat action to bettors. You still have standard betting as well, live betting is just another way to get an extra kick from your sport betting.

Where To Make Cricket Bets

Bettors want to place wagers where they can find the best cricket betting odds. To easily find great odds, simple check out our list of recommended betting sites.

We have already vetted these sites and they provide safe and reliable betting environments where you will find great odds. You are not limited to only joining one site.

This means that by joining more than one site, you can shop for the best odds with every bet.

Creating A Strategy

Online you can find a range of cricket betting tips as well as statistics and news data. These resources are a great way to design a cricket betting strategy.

What this means is basically you determine the feasibility of a wager by checking the teams’ previous performances and seeing who will most likely come out on top.

Also part of a good cricket betting strategy is to make sure you budget a bankroll so you always know how much you are able to wager.

Get in on the action at and bet on cricket from anywhere, anytime!

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