Surfing Betting

When one thinks of the golden beaches surrounding the country and continent of Australia, one cannot help but think of riding the waves. Surfing has been a popular sport in Australia for many years, with competitions catering to both national and even international competitors. It is not surprising, therefore, that surfing betting is offered by a select few online and mobile sports betting sites and apps.

National Surfing Betting

Australia plays host to a number of national surfing competitions throughout the year. Thanks to the large size of the continent, there is almost always a surfing season happening somewhere.

Surfing betting on national competitions is offered by only a select few online and mobile betting sites. Finding these sites may seem like a chore, but thanks to you needn’t spend fruitless hours on the net trying to find a site that caters for your surfing tastes.

We have taken the time to find only the best mobile surfing bets, all neatly wrapped up in one package. Because surfing is not as popular as many other sports betting markets, a number of the national competitions may not be available for betting. That being said, we strive to bring you as many national surfing bets as possible.

International Surfing

There are a number of international surfing competitions that happen worldwide throughout the year. These are hosted in countries such as America and offer a large amount of betting markets for surfing betting.

Placing a wager on one of these international surfing competitions used to be a difficult thing to do, as one would have to look far and wide for a betting site which not only offers surfing betting but caters to punters from Australia as well. brings you the best mobile betting sites and apps which offer international surfing betting.

Surfing Betting Strategies

Wagering on surfing is slightly different to placing a wager on another sport such as rugby or even tennis. Firstly, surfing is an individual sport, which limits the amount of betting markets. Getting to know the sport is imperative to placing a wager.

Surfing is totally unique and has its own lingo, points system and value system. Before placing any wagers one has to not just have an interest in riding the waves, but actually have quite a deep understanding of how exactly betting in surfing works.

The obvious markets such as who will win a tournament are simple and easy to understand, but more complex bets are offered as well, many of which are potentially more lucrative than the simpler moneyline style wagers.

Information on how surfing betting works in the way of betting markets is available on various online sports betting sites. Take the time to read as much as you can to broaden your knowledge.

Info on the individual surfers can also be found online, often via social media. Keeping abreast of the surfer’s lives such as injuries and other occurrences will help you when placing a wager. As with any sport, placing a bet is always going to be more successful for the punter who is an expert in their field.

Don’t be tempted to place a quick wager on a surfing competition just for fun without any research first

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