Internet Betting

For many years in Australia, a punter would have to go down to a local bookies shop, braving weather, smoke, and queues in order to place a bet on a game or race. These days this can not only be done from the comfort of your own home but pretty much anywhere thanks to mobile technology.

A huge number of Internet or online sport betting sites have popped up from almost every country in the world, catering for almost every person in the world. As an Australian punter, you have a number of choices of sports betting sites, some which are great and some which are not so great. has taken all of the hard work out of choosing a safe and secure online sports betting site, by compiling a list of top sports betting sites and apps that cater for Australians. Not only this, but all of our sites and apps are mobile, which means that they are designed to run directly on your mobile device, bringing you the best sports betting action wherever you are.

Mobile Action

The mobile revolution truly did revolutionise the whole Internet betting scene. No longer did one even have to rush home in order to check scores or wagers placed with sports betting companies, now results come straight to your wherever you are. This is all provided that you have a decent Internet connection, as this is internet betting after all.

Wagers, sports betting picks, and professional sports betting can be carried out in any corner of Australia. One can become a professional sports betting punter on the bus, or even walking home. Not only that, but the results or your wagers and picks are now sent directly to you as they happen.

Live Sports Betting

Another great advantage to placing a sports bet via a mobile platform such as a mobile betting app or a mobile betting site is that one can now make use of live sports betting. This is where the site or app not only streams the game live to your device but also allows you to make up to the second changes to your wagers as the action unfolds. An Australian punter who makes use of this sports betting system is guaranteed not miss a second of the action, and have the most up to date wagers which gives you the best chance of turning a profit.

Internet Sports Betting Bonuses

As Internet betting has become so wildly popular, the number of sports betting sites both mobile and not have grown exponentially as the years have gone by. To attract new members, and possibly poach ones from other sites, they often offer a range of bonuses for those who sign up. These usually involve an amount of free money in some form or another.

Free bets are very popular, as they allow a punter to place a real wager on a real sport and possibly make some real money, all for free. The site or app obviously has certain limitations on this, as simply allowing people to win things for free would soon see them going out of business.

Deposit matches are another very popular form of sign up bonus. Here the site or app promises to match your initial few deposits up to a certain amount. Again, there will be terms and conditions on this so make sure to read the fine print. has a great list of mobile betting sites and apps that offer a host of sign up bonuses.

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