NRL Betting

Every Australian punter follows the NRL, the country’s main rugby league, which culminates in the Grand Final. The NRL has been running for many years, with NRL betting running for the same amount of time. In the olden days, one would have to go down to the local bookie in order to place an NRL bet, these days however the entire process has been streamlined thanks to modern technology. NRL betting can be done on your mobile device with provides you with a number of advantages.

Best NRL Betting Tips

One of the great advantages to placing mobile NRL bet is that at we have slimmed down all the choices one can find on the net, making sure that you can choose from only the best NRL betting apps and sites.

Our recommended mobile betting apps come with a number of advantages over regular online sports betting, such as the best NRL betting tips and NRL betting odds, delivered right to your phone. This means that you have the best possible information with which to place a wager, helping to ensure that your experience is a positive and hopefully profitable one.

When placing NRL best bets, having an intimate knowledge of the teams and players is imperative. One of the ways in which to do this is to read up on some NRL betting tips.

All of the NRL betting tips that are offered on have been double checked to ensure relevance as well as truthfulness. There are a large number of fly by night sports betting tipsters out there on the net, just looking to cash in on a quick buck. has taken the worry out of reading NRL betting tips, as all of our tips are triple checked before being offered to you.

Shopping Around

When placing any sort of NRL bet, be it on mobile or not, one should always have the option of a number of different NRL betting odds to choose from. This allows you to decide which odds you wish to go for, according to your own research and knowledge. It’s all very well to believe blindly what you read on the internet, but you are much more likely to turn a profit when being offered a choice and being able to choose the best NRL betting odds for you. offers a number of mobile NRL betting sites and apps, which means that you can look through them to find the odds that make the most sense to you. This improves your chances of a successful and profitable wager over simply going with the first big online sports betting site that you find.

Action At Your Finger Tips

Every Australian punter wants to be kept up to date on their NRL bets, as well as how the games are progressing. When you use your mobile device to place any NRL premiership betting, you will receive up to the minute reports right at your fingertips, on your phone or tablet.

The best mobile betting apps and sites offer not only live streaming but live betting as well. This means that wagers can be changed in game, according to how the scores change. Wager results, as well as scores, team information and more, is sent directly to your device, allowing you to be up to date all the time.

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