Horse Racing Tips

Racing tips are something that every racing punter is looking for, both via the online tipster format and in good solid advice for those placing a racing wager. Many professional horseracing tips can be found on various sites, offered by various people, but not all of them are legit or even truthful. A mix of your own knowledge along with knowing whom to trust is your best ticket to a successful horseracing wager.

Do Your Own Home Work

There is very little which can compete with your legwork when it comes to the best horse racing tips. The obvious things like knowing which horse is running, and its past race results are, should be first on your list, but there are a few things one should look for as well which may not come to mind straight away.

Race results will show not only how a horse performed, but looking a little deeper will show what kind of going they prefer, as well as any injuries they may have sustained. An injured horse, no matter how good they may have been will not likely bounce back to its former glory. Always be wary when placing a wager on a horse that is in recovery or just back on the track.

Know Your Courses

Each racecourse in Australia has different inclement weather, which results in different going. Thoroughbreds are delicate creatures and very few of them enjoy running in the pouring rain on a heavy track. Some, however, excel at it and if you know which ones do, then you have a potential gold mine at your fingertips.

Make sure to read the weather reports for race day a number of days in advance to get an idea of the track conditions, as well as keeping up with news on the actual track. Many tracks have social media pages that can be used to get a sneak peak of how things may run.

Read The Racing Pages

The internet is full of information on horse racing, both in Australia and abroad. has taken the time to bring you only the best pages and mobile betting apps which not only provide a great wagering experience but the best racing tips for today and tomorrow. Our sites and apps are proven to be safe to use as well as up to date with the best information you can get.

Online and mobile racing apps provide information on which horse is running, as well as which has the best chance against which. The professional racing tipsters are employed by the big racing sites to provide truthful and useful information for punters, all of which can be found by using Taking the time each day to read this information will help you to build a solid picture of not only horses but bloodlines and trainers as well.

Mobile Racing Tips

One of the great things about making use of the mobile platform to read the best racing tips is that they get delivered to you. You can read all the information you need wherever you are, and place a wager accordingly. Keeping up to date with all the pro horse racing tips you can is one of the best ways to ensure a successful and enjoyable racing experience.

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