NFL Betting

Although there are a number of national sports leagues which many Australians bet on, betting on a foreign league such as the NFL is just as popular. Betting a league that is as world famous as the NFL adds excitement, as well as great betting markets as one is placing bets along with a large chunk of the entire world.

NFL betting is done via a number of sites and mobile apps, the best of which we have here at One could be forgiven for looking in horror at the huge number of search results that come up when looking for the best mobile betting sites for Australian punters. Luckily for the discerning punter, all of the hard work has been taken out of things, and you simply have to choose from our list of the best mobile NFL betting apps and sites.

Why the NFL?

The NFL is wildly popular all over the world. Placing wagers involves knowing the teams as well as the players, although many of them are so world famous it’s not difficult to get to know them. As with betting on any other sport, having a sound knowledge of how American football works is imperative, as is having a sound knowledge of how the teams relate to one another.

NFL has a season, so games are not played throughout the year. The season culminates in a very exciting Super Bowl, which again is watched the world over, especially in Australia. Super Bowl Sunday is almost as looked forward to as a holiday, with bookies and mobile betting sites revving up the action for weeks in advance.

Mobile NFL Betting

Place NFL bets online may not be a new thing, but more and more punters in Australia are turning to mobile NFL betting. Placing a wager using your mobile device offers a number of advantages over traditional online sports betting. The most obvious of these is, of course, the mobility of it. You can place a bet from anywhere that you are as long as you have a decent Internet connection and enough data.

Mobile NFL betting can be done in two main ways, via a mobile betting app or a mobile betting site. Both of these have been customised to run on your mobile device, making the best use of your device’s software as well as hardware. Using a specific mobile betting app means that your experience will be as seamless as possible, there will be no scrolling around in order to see the entire page, all of the menu items are perfectly sized, and the live streaming allows you to keep on top of all of your wagers and results, anywhere, anytime.

Best Way to Bet On The NFL has scoured the web for the best mobile NFL betting sites, as well as the best mobile NFL betting apps. We have a selection of top class software for you, which you simply have to peruse and decide which one suits you the best. All of our chosen sites and apps are guaranteed safe and secure, and many come with fabulous sign up bonuses and even free bets. You can be assured that your NFL betting experience will be the best possible with

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