Mobile Harness Betting

Horse racing has to be the most popular sporting event amongst spectators in Australia, and harness racing is a close second, with this gripping sport offering the perfect opportunity to engage in some potentially lucrative betting.

Harness Betting and sports betting, in general, has managed to attract a plethora of punters from all over Australia, which has ultimately given rise to the increase in available mobile sports betting sites. While it is nothing short of hair-raising, going down to the tracks to engage in harness betting is no longer a necessity for those looking to place their harness bets.

Spectacular Harness Betting Opportunities

Punters that share a passion for mobile harness betting in Australia are generally familiar with the popular Inter Dominion competition that takes place annually and rotates between both Australia and New Zealand.

In more recent years the Inter Dominion has evolved to become the most popular harness racing event. It is spread out over a total of 4 nights while offering a massive purse of more than $1 million. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the harness bets are unaffordable, with some available wagers as low as $1.

Other races that avid punters will try their luck at each year include the prestigious and well-known Victorian Cup, as well as the Western Australia Pacing Cup and Eurodrive Miracle Mile.

Mobile Harness Bets in Australia

While it is safe to say that when it comes to harness betting, there is a lot to get excited about, there are also a few things that each and every punter will need to consider before placing any harness bets.

The first thing to consider is the fact that harness racing can be conducted in 2 different ways, namely trotting or pacing, and fortunately both can be found in Australia. The scene is rather unique, which is highlighted in the fact that it makes use of metric and additional horses are placed in the races.

Another thing that punters should always consider is how quickly things can change when it comes to betting on a fast-paced sport, as well as common occurrences, such as the leader not always surrendering to the champion.

Harness Racing Betting Markets

There is an array of mobile sports betting sites that offer some fabulous harness betting odds alongside a decent number of betting markets that will not only suit experienced punters but beginners too.

There are the more simple harness racing bets, such as Win bets that require punters to choose the runner that they predict to win the race, as well as Place bets that asks a punter to pick a runner to place either 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

The more complicated bets for the experienced punters include Trifecta bets, First 4 bets and Quaddie bets that allow a punter to pick the winners of 4 different races.

Best Harness Betting Sites

Due to the fact that harness betting’s popularity is continuously on the rise, a large number of mobile sports betting sites have emerged to offer their markets, odds and other services to Australian punters.

Too many sites can be all too much for some, which is why has ensured that the cream of the crop is available for you right here. Simply pick one and sign up.


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